Photo of a commercial fire suppression (sprinkler) plant room

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The Trafford Centre in Manchester has a large base build suppression system which individual units tap into.


Retail fit out, Trafford CENTRE

A fully hydraulically calculated commercial sprinkler system for a retail unit under BS EN 12845

Penzance PO was a sizable mixed use fire suppression development in Cornwall

Mixed use

former post office, penzance

A mains fed sprinkler system in a 17.5m high block of flats with a retail unit on the ground floor. Built within the parameters of BS 9251: 2021

Artist's impression of the completed Block C of Belmont St which required a Cat 4 residential suppression system


Belmont Street, camden

3 residential, and oddly angled, blocks, designed to Category 4 under the residential sprinkler standard: BS 9251: 2021.

Water supplies shared with the domestic supply. With the highest block being over 35m high. Several spaces on the ground floor needed to be designed as commercial spaces.

extra-ordinary developments start with extra-ordinary designs

A properly designed sprinkler system can help reduce challenges during the installation and co-ordination of a development. Design decisions can also impact on the overall cost and life-span of a system.

The Building Safety Act also places greater emphasis on design at an early stage. You can never reach out to us too soon, regardless of where you are in your development. Doing so can save us all costs, time and headaches in the long run.

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